Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Stephen Brunt: An exceptional sports journalist

One of my favourite sports journalists over the past few weeks has been Stephen Brunt for his candid exposé of the NHL and its dealings with Canada and Hamilton. I just finished reading another excellent article of his in the Globe and Mail on the veracity of Bettman's supposed 'commitment to Canada and it's game' (I suggest you take the time to read it). The basic premise is that over the years Bettman has gone on record saying "we must work to strengthen the game from its smallest grassroots to its mightiest franchise". Brunt simply calls him on this, and believes his dealings with Balsillie will demonstrate his true intentions. Actions do speak louder than words.

Just last week, Brunt also gave us a one-liner that epitomizes Hamilton's territorial rights situation: "it's the greater good versus greed". If you have time, send Stephen an e-mail thanking him for educating people on these matters (or thank him indirectly by buying his book).

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