Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Predators to Hamilton Tigers

Just thought I would put this image out there to start thinking about jersey designs. This simple version takes the Predators design and replaces their logo with the Hamilton Tigers logo c. 1925. Maybe it's just me, but doesn't this jersey look brilliant? The only other change is to replace the predators logo on the shoulder with the Tigers face.

You probably think I'm getting ahead of myself, and you are probably right. I figure we might as well enjoy this while we can (assuming this may be another dead end for Hamilton).


Anonymous said...

While I'm sure the final jersey (whether they're called the Tigers or not) will look terrible,
any of the designs on this page would stand in the top of the league in design.

While I don't think the 'H Tigers' logo is bad at all,
the jerseys with the Tiger by itself is iconic.


Anonymous said...

The Nashville jersey is hideous. If the team does relocate to Hamilton, any traces of the silver yellow and blue jersey should be destroyed.