Thursday, June 21, 2007

The Great One Speaks: Thanks Gretzky!

The Great One spoke about the possible relocation of the Preds to Hamilton. Looks like the boy from Brantford is on our side, and that there is still some Canadian pride in this naturalized American. All we can say is thanks Wayne!

Here are some quotes from the Globe and Mail article...

"First, it's a great thing for [Balsillie],” Gretzky said. “Obviously, he's excited about it. If it actually works out that he gets to move the team to Hamilton is something that we'll have to follow over the next little while."

"On the other side of it, I feel very disappointed for the people of Nashville. But that's business, that's life. I will say this that if the team is allowed to move to that area [Hamilton], it will be tremendously successful."

"You're not just drawing from Hamilton, you're drawing from places like Brantford,” Gretzky said, chuckling at the mention of his hometown, “Burlington and Oakville. I'm not worried about the success for that franchise. I remember back in 1987, when we played the Canada Cup there. It was overwhelming."

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