Sunday, May 10, 2009

HNIC Interview with Jim Balsillie

Balsillie is reaching hero status in a short period. Without explicitly discussing the positives of moving the team to Hamilton, there is some indication Hamilton is where he wants this (or any) NHL team.

Enjoy the interview--the more publicity he gets, the dumber NHL BOGs and Bettman look.




Adam Luker said...

I've gone through and read every post you've made, starting at the beginning. It's been great back-tracking on all of these events, and I thank you for the time and effort you've put into all of this. It's really nice to have all these events and thoughts gathered in one single location, as opposed to scattered all over the internet otherwise.

In order for Hamilton to get a team, we're going to need to show the rest of the hockey world what we've been fighting against all these years, and how unjust the NHL has been through all of it. The history needs to be known. Thanks again for your efforts.

satire and theology said...

In the 25 years or so (since I was a kid) I have been following the NHL against Hamilton (let's face it) debacle, I am more optimistic today than ever that Hamilton has a good chance of getting a team, after the court suggestion today of a relocation price for the Coyotes.

I hope this works out and that we can even get our 8th Canadian team back as well one day...from where and to where I am not sure. Perhaps Winnipeg or even Toronto have a shot.