Saturday, December 16, 2006

If only we could read Balsillie's mind

Balsillie sure knows how to keep people guessing. Remember how a little while ago Balsillie claimed that his interest in purchasing the Penguins were only rumours? There now seems to be some confusion (planned confusion?) with Lemieux's announcement that Balsillie has withdrawn his $175 million offer. The Pittsburgh Tribune Review (Dec. 16) reported that Balsillie denied this claim, that "I'm not giving up on anything" and "I wish it could move forward", said Balsillie.

The latest reports suggest Balisillie withdrew his offer because starting a week ago, Bettman made ridiculous demands that he agree to keep the team in Pittsburgh under any circumstances, meaning regardless of the Isle of Capri result (who promised to build a new arena if granted a gaming license). Well, if Balsillie planned on moving the team to K-W, then this is great news for Hamiltonians. If his plan was to move them to Hamilton--it's no suprise given our luck.

I have a feeling this Balsillie saga is far from over. Stay tuned!

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